Getting Started

This section will cover the basic of LazJS.

What is LazJS?

LazJS is an implementation of JavaScript in Revit. JavaScript code can be written and executed inside Revit. LazJS provides full access to all .NET classes when possible.

What is JavaScript?

Javascript (JS) is one of the most popular client side scripting language in the web today. Almost all modern website uses Javascript.

Why JavaScript?

Script can be executed at runtime inside Revit and it does not need to be compiled beforehand. Thus, it can be modified on the fly and executed directly without leaving Revit environment.

Where can I learn more about JavaScript?

Basics of JavaScript page.

How is JavaScript being used in Revit?

LazJS implements JavaScript in two main areas. Refer to LazJS API for implementation detail.

Parameter calculation

Revit have certain limitations in writing formula. ParamJS allows formula to be written in JavaScript. Update to the element can be manually or automatically.

Batch Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) Elements

BatchJS allows simple or complex script to be written in JavaScript and executed to create, read, update and delete elements in the Project.